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There’s always something new to discover at EBTH. EBTH connects you to unique, special pieces from estate sales across the country, bringing you a thrilling auction experience in a trusted environment. Discover something!


EBTH was born out of a passion for all things vintage, a desire to change the way that they’re discovered, and a commitment to providing sellers with a better alternative for selling their property. In 2008, Jacquie Denny and Brian Graves posted the first estate sale of its kind to EBTH.com. As word of the new and unique service began to circulate, the phones started ringing – and they haven’t stopped since.

Today, EBTH performs an average of 45 sales per month and the business continues to rapidly grow. EBTH takes pride in offering a unique and world-class service, a hard-earned and well-respected reputation, and a track record of success in profitably selling everything but the house. (from CrunchBase)

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