Joyent is the high-performance cloud infrastructure company, offering the only solution specifically built to power today’s real-time web and mobile applications. Companies need a cloud infrastructure that is battled tested and built with instant scalability and performance. Traditional cloud infrastructure just can’t meet the demands for instant global scaling. Joyent’s cloud infrastructure delivers a multiplier effect of 2X the performance and as much as 50% lower cost, fundamentally changing the economics of public and private cloud computing. With Joyent, companies can stop over paying for peaks and spikes and provision just for baseline demand. They can also experience a new level of operational dexterity and control by leveraging a single infrastructure for public cloud, private cloud, or a combination of both. Joyent is the only cloud infrastructure that delivers bare-metal performance from a virtual machine, enabling applications to run faster and more reliably than on traditional public or private cloud infrastructure.

Joyent’s streamlined stack and unique cloud analytics enable companies to achieve full visibility, security, and control of their applications. IT can anticipate and avert problems before they happen using the industry’s only real-time latency analysis and selfservice performance capabilities. In addition, as the corporate steward of Node.js, Joyent offers exclusive debugging and performance tools for Node.js applications. These capabilities, combined with our deep expertise and global support, transform companies’ ability to manage and scale cloud applications.

Forward-thinking tech executives at some of the world’s most demanding companies have harnessed the power of Joyent’s cloud infrastructure to experience the visibility, security, and control of dedicated servers, but in the cloud.

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