Skimlinks is a London-based company started in 2006. Their key products are SkimLinks, a simplified affiliate marketing tool for publishers, and SkimWords, a product that turns product references into monetizable shopping links. SkimLinks converts existing links into affiliate marketing links, and SkimWords recognizes unambiguous product references in editorial and user-generated content, and turns these into unobtrusive shopping links that can earn the publisher money.

Skimlinks initially launched with social decision-making tool, and then the white-labelled version of this service Skim-in-a-box. They developed an innovative business model and technology for monetising user-generated content using affiliate marketing.

In 2008, Skimlinks commercialised this technology and launched it as SkimLinks. It helps blogs, forums, and content sites the ability to earn revenue from affiliate marketing with no technical or admin effort. Skimlinks turns links on content sites into their affiliate marketing link equivalents on-the-fly, so publishers can focus on creating quality content rather than creating and maintaining affiliate links.

Skimlinks is integrated with 40 international affiliate networks,with more than 18,000 merchants in its system. Over 200,000 sites use Skimlinks’s technology, including major publishers like Gawker Media, Condé Nast, Hearst UK, and The Huffington Post.

Skimlinks has won numerous awards for their innovative technology. In 2009, Skimlinks won Best New Entrant, Best Use of Technology in Affiliate Marketing and Innovative Affiliate of the Year at the A4U Awards. In 2010, Skimlinks was named a Smarta 100 winner, won the Linkshare Golden Link Awards Technology Genius prize, and were named number 24 in the Top 100.

Skimlinks was named as one of the UK’s Future Fifty ( for 2013 and Alicia Navarro won the Entrepreneur of the Year title at the 2014 everywoman in Technology Awards.

In July 2011, Skimlinks acquired US competitor Atma Links and in August 2013 the company acquired InvisibleHand, the pioneer and leader in product matching services, retail data and real-time e-commerce pricing intelligence.

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