Trustev offers a totally modern approach ecommerce fraud prevention through real-time online identity verification. It focuses on validating the individual making the transaction, not just the payment method they’re using. The platform delivers individual, real time decisions for every one of your customers using multiple dynamic data sources (behavioral, transactional and social) instead of restrictive rules based decisioning and profiling.

Trustev’s easy to integrate platform works by verifying consumer’s identities in real-time, using thousands of dynamic data points from sources such as deep location, email verification, device ID, social fingerprinting, proxy/VPN piercing, site velocity & behavior, browser ID and mobile location. It uses proprietary algorithms to combine all this data and compile it into a single, simple score of 1-100. This score is then used to provide a recommendation or allow, deny of flag the transaction.

The Trustev platform enables rapid identity decisions in real time with an easy to integrate (very light touch), completely data driven and cost effective solution that works in the background, to ensure no disruption to the customer’s online experience. This results in a significant reduction in false positives leading to substantially increased revenues and increased sales opportunities while maintaining a customer centric experience at all times. Trustev’s solution is focused on dramatically reducing the cost burden of fraud on your business, the cost of policing fraud and also maximizing revenues opportunities.

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