Vertical Mass

Vertical Mass is the world’s leading Data Management Platform & Marketplace for premium audience data in sports, music and entertainment.

The company has become the official data management partner to 300+ of the world’s top talent, including 80 of the top 100, 39 Grammy Award Winners, 9 Super Bowl Halftime Performers, the top grossing touring artist, the top grossing actor, and hundreds more. Industry companies leveraging Vertical Mass for data aggregation and monetization include the top record labels, promoters, sports teams, movie studios and TV networks. 

Vertical Mass helps these partners collect data on their fans to build the richest audience of music, sports and entertainment data sets in the world, surpassing 1 billion user events and 100M+ fan profiles.

Marketing clients including Google, P&G, FOX Television, Footlocker, Universal Pictures, Warner Bros and dozens more are licensing this exclusive and premium data for business intelligence and targeted marketing on social media and programmatically across the web, reporting 300%+ better performance reaching these fans with their media spends.

Vertical Mass is headquartered in Los Angeles with offices in San Francisco and New York.


Culver City, CA


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