Teddy Citrin


Los Angeles, CA

Teddy Citrin

Teddy focuses on opportunities in consumer and software. He has helped lead Greycroft’s investments in Bird, Hubble, Candid, Fig, and Hollar.

Prior to joining Greycroft, Teddy was a Product Manager at eBay. Teddy was responsible for the product strategy, day-to-day execution, and a/b testing for the eBay homepage across all devices. Prior to the homepage, Teddy worked on eBay’s Geographic Expansion Team, launching and growing eBay in Russia, China, Brazil, and Mexico.

Teddy holds a B.A. from Wesleyan University in Political Science. He was also a 4 year starter on the Wesleyan Men’s Varsity Lacrosse Team. Teddy is a member of the Shining Hope For Communities (SHOFCO) leadership board, a non-profit organization that combats gender inequality and extreme poverty in urban slums in Kenya.