Chris Wallace


New York, NY

Chris Wallace

Based in the New York office, Chris’ responsibilities include evaluating investment opportunities, sourcing new deals, and supporting existing portfolio companies.

Prior to joining Greycroft, Chris worked in Product Management at Bank of America Merrill Lynch. While at Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Chris designed and built in-house analytics solutions and data visualization tools, and explored key strategic partnerships with FinTech startups.

Chris holds a B.A. in Economics from Columbia University. He spent four months in Senegal where he studied Alternative Economies and Microfinancing Strategies. While in Senegal, Chris worked as an Entrepreneurial Analyst at the Chamber of Commerce of Industry and Agriculture in Kaolack, providing guidance to entrepreneurs in rural areas on their international growth strategies. He supports SMBs in his community in Harlem, NY, and has experience consulting restaurants in the area on their digital strategy and operations. Chris is passionate about mentoring, as he served as mentor for the Big Sibs Mentoring program at Columbia, and he continues to mentor his mentee of 6 years.